Next Steps


Whether you are exploring the Christian faith for the first time, or have been a Christian for a long time, you will feel right at home at Ponte Vedra Church. Our “My Journey with Christ” discipleship path has been prayerfully designed with you in mind.

 My Journey with Christ

Four Steps:

Connect:  With God, with the foundations of our Christian faith, and with our church. Part of this step might include declaring your faith in Jesus for the first time, reaffirming your faith, being baptized, and participating in our new member class to become a member of Ponte Vedra Church.  

 Discover:  Your God-given spiritual gifts and your place in God’s mission. The Bible is clear that God has gifted each person with spiritual gifts and abilities to be used in the expansion of His kingdom. Part of our new member class includes a spiritual gift inventory that can help you discover areas where God might want to use you. 

 Engage:  With the church and community by participating in activities that help others follow Jesus. Ponte Vedra Church is very active in reaching our community and sharing the love of Christ in different ways. Through ministry opportunities both in and through our church, there will be a place for you to make a difference. 

 Flourish:  Continue to grow as a Christ-follower through involvement in our small groups and Christian service inside and outside of the church. Our discipleship journey does not end in this life. We flourish when we continue in the rhythm of Christian nourishment of self and Christian service to others. 

 Wherever you are on your journey, we are here for you. Please contact Pastor Jacquie or Pastor Edwin at (904) 280-5141 or [email protected] and they will be glad to help you continue on your journey with Christ.