What is the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home?

The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home was established as an orphanage in 1908 by Florida Methodists, and by the 1950’s had changed its major emphasis to caring for abused, abandoned, neglected or dependent children. Boys and girls are accepted without regard to race, creed or national origin. The staff is composed of competent and dedicated professionals who share responsibility for caring for the children 24 hours a day. The beautiful 100-acre Enterprise campus is located on Lake Monroe, 30 miles north of Orlando and one mile east of the DeBary/Deltona 1-4 exit #108. With the Enterprise campus as focal point of activity, the Home assists children in other facilities, in independent living, in foster care, and those in vocational and institutions of higher education.

Why do children come to live at Florida United Methodist Children’s Home?

Children come to us because of sexual abuse, other physical abuse, or abandonment; because of family breakdown due to divorce, drug abuse, illness, or the death of a parent; or because of other traumatic issues being experienced by the child. There may be neglect, or conflicts that have made a normal family life impossible. Many referrals come through United Methodist clergy, while others come from family, schools, courts or other agencies. Each child is evaluated to see if the program of the Home can be of help.

What is the life of a child like at the Home?

Children live in one of fourteen homes, which are grouped by sex and age. Each home has a capacity of eight to ten residents and their home parents. No more than two children share a room. Meals are prepared by members of the home as a “family” group, and menus are supervised by a dietician to ensure that a wholesome, nutritionally balanced diet is available. The children share in chores in the homes and are responsible for their own rooms. Some young people are eligible for campus jobs and work experiences beyond campus.

how does pvumc help?

Ponte Vedra UMC is a proud supporter of the home, sending several special offerings to the home throughout the year.